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The Pringle Group

The Pringle Group, August 2018. More group photos can be found here.

It is difficult to overstate the importance of phosphorus containing compounds – they are found in biological systems, fertilisers, food additives, plastics and they make useful ligands for catalysts that are required in synthetic chemistry for the production of drug molecules or fine chemicals. Pick up any current journal concerned with synthesis and you will find numerous papers featuring the applications of phosphorus ligands in catalytic processes ranging from the production of commodity chemicals on the megatonne scale, to the synthesis of natural products on the milligram scale.

Research in the Pringle Group concerns the design and synthesis of novel phosphorus(III) ligands and their complexation to a variety of transition metals. The M-P(III) compounds that we prepare are of great academic interest, with group members investigating their applications for their uses ranging from homogenous catalysis to medicine.

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