Daniel Good

Daniel was born and raised in Norfolk as the fourth of five children in his family. After completing school and sixth-form college with A-levels in Chemistry, Maths and Music, he took a year out in Madrid, Spain, to do some volunteer-work as part of a missionary programme. He then returned to education in 2014 studying Chemistry at the University of East Anglia. His final-year project involved devising synthetic routes to barbiturate-derived compounds with anti-leishmaniasis activity. In 2018, he joined the CDT in Catalysis run between Cardiff, Bristol and Bath. During the first year, he undertook two research sabbaticals, the first with Alberto Roldan in Cardiff studying formic acid decomposition on TiO2 surfaces computationally, and the second with David Fermin in Bristol looking at NOx reduction using perovskites. His PhD title within the Pringle group is Unconventional Phosphorus Ligands for Catalysis, with a particular focus on hydroformylation, photoinitiators and dehydrogenation of renewable hydrogen carriers. Outside of the lab, Daniel enjoys playing the piano and composing/arranging music, in addition to spending time with his ever-growing number of nieces and nephews, and following his beloved Ipswich Town FC through good times and bad.