Hubert Meissel

Hubert was born and raised in Saint Maixent, which is a 30 mile car journey Le Mans. After showing a zest for Chemistry at a young age at school, he enrolled in the School of Chemistry at the University Of Le Mans in 2007. He completed his final year project under the supervision of Prof. Steven Nolan, working on the synthesis and applications of homogeneous gold(I) catalysts. The following year, he received an MSc in Catalysis at the Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) in Cardiff which was completed with a project supervised by Prof. Paul Pringle on Pyridyl Phosphines for Catalysis . He moved to Bristol in 2014 to start a PhD under the supervision of Prof. Paul Pringle. His project is currently based on the synthesis of mixed P-donors for use as ligands in hydroformylation reactions. Outside of the lab, Hubert‘s main interests include cinema, cycling and hiking.