Callum Branfoot


Callum was born in Lymington, Hampshire but spent most of his youth amongst the rolling hills of Wiltshire, where at school he discovered a passion for science and a particular penchant for the colours of chemistry. In 2012, he started an integrated Master’s degree in Chemistry at the University of Bristol. In 2014/2015, on a placement year working within the drilling department of the Schlumberger Gould Research centre in Cambridge, Callum discovered an interest in the Oil & Energy sector and an associated interest in materials science and engineering. Upon returning to Bristol to complete his Master’s degree, under the supervision of Prof Paul Pringle, Callum undertook a final year project concerning the synthesis and metal-coordination of novel borylphosphine compounds. In 2016, in search of new scientific challenges, he moved from the Faculty of Science to the Faculty of Engineering and joined the ACCIS (Bristol Composites Institute) CDT, starting a PhD in Composite Materials. After an intensive year of materials/engineering education Callum started his PhD project, which is focused on the preparation and testing of functional polymers for composites applications. He is now co-supervised by Prof Ian Bond (Bristol Composites Institute, ACCIS), Prof Paul Pringle (School of Chemistry, Bristol), Prof Duncan Wass (School of Chemistry, Bristol) and Dr Tim Coope (National Composites Centre). Outside of the lab, Callum’s interests include: football, squash, karate, bass guitar, motorbikes, learning French and not writing about himself in the third person.